I always let excitement and purpose drive my career.  I love what I do; that is why I try to share my enjoyments and encourage young students to pursue higher education.  I highly believe that my job is to inspire next-generation engineers – it is not purely about generating new research and publications.  In particular, I try to focus on inspiring students who may not have thought of themselves originally headed for graduate study.  For example, I started volunteering in 2015 to help host over ten summer camps for high-school and middle school students in conjunction with the Center for Enhancing Engineering Diversity (CEED). For the past 6 years, I have voluntarily devoted my time to develop these lab modules and inspire the next generation of engineers. One element I helped design was a hands-on game in the field to illustrate how ice droplets can cause liquid droplets to evaporate to grow frost. Seeing their exposure to this type of opportunity and being a motivating leader is an important aspect of my position as a scientist  that I would pursue whole-heartedly.